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Becoming a published author has never been easier, faster or this inexpensive. Thanks to our amazing and exclusive new "PPH"  technology​, anyone who can type or dictate can have a professional-looking book on sale on and at Barnes & Noble and thousands of other bookstores around the world in one month or less.

You, too, can have the fame of Dickens, Shakespeare and Hemingway, and the income of J. K. Rowling, Dan Brown and Stephen King -- even if you got bad grades in English  in high school. Like Dolly Parton, your picture can be on the covers of beautiful books. Your name will be on Google. Your video will be on YouTube. You can have thousands of Facebook friends. You can be interviewed on TV just like celebrity authors.

You do not need a college degree in English to become a popular and wealthy author. Shakespeare didn't go to college and Rowling was rejected  by Oxford University. Yet millions of people all over the world have paid money to read their work. For less than $100, you can be the next Shakespeare or Rowling!​ You can be rich and famous!

With "traditional" (i.e., ancient) 20th-century publishing, it can take years to find a literary agent and a publisher, and then a year or more before your book is on sale. When the book is finally on sale, the cover will look nothing like you envisioned it and your precious words will have been butchered by editors. Your title will be changed by 'experts' who don't even know you. With 99 Buck Books -- rapidly becoming the favorite publisher for millions of authors -- you get your books YOUR WAY.

America is a democracy, not an aristocracy. Anyone, even without a PhD in English, can enjoy the status of a bestselling author. Anyone who writes a book can get a better job, be the envy of the neighbors, get the best tables in restaurants, get an airplane seat upgraded to first-class, get invited to address Congress and meet the president. You might even get your own TV show.

Don't delay the glory -- contact us now. The future starts in just 30 days! Soon you'll be living the lifestyle of the rich and famous!


Become a published author

for just $33 in just 30 days!

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