The 33 buck package

You provide us with a document formatted in Microsoft Word, plus a one-paragraph author's biography and one-paragraph book description. You choose from six cover designs, and can submit one cover photo and one author photo.

We will use your material to format your book to proper commercial standards, assign an ISBN (International Standard Book Number) send you one bound copy and make the book available as a 6- by 9-inch "perfect-bound" paperback to online and bricks-and-mortar booksellers. The cover will be in full color unless you prefer black and white. The interior will be black and white. There is no charge for including photos or illustrations because you will position them within your Word document.

You will choose a cover price based on our guidelines. A book with a $15.95 cover price should net you about $6-$8, depending on the sales channel.

Optional Services

We can provide a wide range of additional services to enhance your book and improve its sales, such as:

  1. Minor and major editing 
  2. Interior formatting
  3. Custom cover design
  4. Library of Congress Control Number and copyright registration
  5. Hardcover edition
  6. Publicity program
  7. Marketing materials
  8. Portrait enhancement 
  9. Ghostwriting
  10. Website design & maintenance  

We can convert your text into all of the popular ebook formats for reading on tablets, PCs, ebook readers and smart phones. Your book will be available through, the Apple i-bookstore, Barnes & Noble and other major ebook sellers. You can set any price from free to $19.99, but will make the highest percentage on books selling from $2.99 to $9.99.

Paying & Getting Paid

You pay us through Paypal before we begin our work for you. Satisfaction is guaranteed. We want happy customers. We pay you a percentage of the retail price (details will be emailed to you as part of the publishing contract). You can expect to receive payments in the middle of each month, through Paypal. There is typically a lag of two to three months between the time a book is sold at retail and when you get paid.​