Title Selection

Important Tip: regardless of what you are writing about, put "sex" and "secrets" in your title! Names of politicians and celebs are helpful, too.

Every baby needs a name and every book needs a title. Many book titles are cliché phrases which seem to be absolutely perfect for a particular book. Many cliché phrases are absolutely perfect for lots of books, and a title can’t be copyrighted. The lack of copyright protection can be very good for you.

More than a dozen different books are titled Caught in the Middle. If you like the title, you can use it, too. Both Danielle Steel and Queen Noor of Jordan wrote books called Leap of Faith. At least five books are titled Fatal Voyage. At least four books, two songs and a movie are named Continental Drift. At least 24 books are titled Unfinished Business. You can write books with those titles, too.

If you want to call your next masterpiece Holy Bible, Hamlet, War and Peace, From Russia with Love or The Da Vinci Code, you can.


If another book has the same title as yours, but better publicity, people searching for that book may find your book by accident and buy it! This technique can save you lots of time and money -- and can make you richer, faster.

Some authors of non-fiction books think it's a good idea to include the subject in the title instead of "borrowing" an already successful title.  Try our handy Title Generator Table to get started. Pick one item from each column.