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Other pages in this website are comedy.
This page is serious. It's really important  to have a
professional editor and designer for your book.

Some Serious Advice to help improve your odds of succeeding in publishing. People write and publish for many reasons, and there are many ways to define success and failure.​​Most books—even books published by major publishers with highly paid and experienced staffs—fail to earn back their cost of publishing. These links should help:

​​InfoForAuthors is a source of information, inspiration and advice for beginning and veteran authors, particularly self-publishing authors. It can help authors who operate their own publishing companies, use the services of self-publishing companies, or are published by traditional publishing companies. It's also for writers who are unsure of their path to publication.

Silver Sands Books is a small, independent publisher concentrating on helpful books which make technical subjects easy to understand. Two specialties are publishing and telecommunications.

Michael N. Marcus provides advance assessments of books before authors go to the expense of having them published. A negative preview is much better than a negative review. Get help before it's too late to make changes.  Michael also provides editing, design, formatting, publishing and publicity services.

BooksForAuthors has reviews of books for authors.

Real Publishers If you want to use a real self-publishing company, not a fake one like 99 Buck Books, here are some recommendations:

  1. For printing only, where you do all of the prep work: CreateSpace

  2. For the least expensive book publishing package with a custom cover, honesty, respect and quick publication: Wasteland Press

  3. For various degrees of service and assistance: CreateSpace

  4. For ebook production and distribution: eBookit