Customer Comments

I always liked to cook. I even got special permission to take "home ec" in sixth and seventh grades. The boys thought I was a sissy, but the girls liked me. All the girls except one -- Angela Sansone -- the one I liked the most. Later on she became a cheerleader. She was beautiful but snobby and would never go out with me. After graduation she married Alphonse Porto, who was one of the players on our high school football team. After my cookbook was published, Angela showed up at a store where I was doing a book signing, and she hung around until afterwards and we went out for drinks -- and she spent the night with me. Six months later she divorced Alphonse and married me. Thank you, 99 Buck Books. Screw you, Alphonse Porto.

-- Anthony P. Gelato, author of Eating Can Be Exciting

As you might guess from my last name, I am a distant descendant of 'Renaissance Man' Leonardo daVinci. My parents even gave me a first name like his. I have spent most of my life trying to escape from a man I never met. Even in grade school, the kids said I looked like Mona Lisa and asked if I could draw helicopters. This book explains how I cope with my unwanted fame, and is a guide for others who cannot escape their names. I knew this is an important book but was unable to interest literary agents in my project so I decided to self-publish. With 99 Buck Books, my "magnum opus" turned out just the way I wanted it to, and it was published quickly and inexpensively. I have been interviewed on television and for newspaper articles, and have launched a public speaking business because of the visibility this book has given me. 99 Buck Books has changed my life.

-- Leonard daVinci, author of Mona Mia

I owe everything to my mother, and I wanted to write a book of tribute to her that would let my own children know how much 'Gram' means to me. I am extremely grateful to 99 Buck Books for helping me to fulfill my dream. I could not be happier.

-- Susanna Rothman, author of My Mommy