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In case you have not yet figured it out, 99 Buck Books is not a real company.  This website is an exaggerated parody intended to call attention to some of the worst practices and attitudes of some self-publishing companies.

A few self-publishing companies are fine (we like CreateSpace). Many are dishonest, incompetent, ignorant, uncaring and overpriced. Some of the worst are Outskirts Press, America Star Books, AuthorHouse and Xlibris.​

​This site is provided by Michael N. Marcus, a bestselling author, editor, consultant, publisher and nitpicker. Michael does not compete with self-publishing companies  (but he will help other authors). He wants authors to produce good books at a reasonable price and for the authors and their readers to be pleased with the books. Self-publishing has made it very easy to publish bad books. That's sad.

                          The THREE STOOGES of self-publishing:


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Lulu founder Bob Young said, “We publish a huge number of really bad books.” Bob also misspelled "misspell" and confused “less” and “fewer.” A publisher should know better.

In a book, Outskirts Press boss Brent Sampson wrote the wrong name of the publisher of Roget's Thesaurus and wrote "forward" instead of "foreword." A publisher should know better.

Thomas Nelson Publishers CEO Michael Hyatt has a blog that automatically blocks comments from people who have disagreed with him in the past. Nelson's Westbow Press self-publishing division lies about providing "free" books.